Collect_ive Art Jewellers

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Meet Natalie Smith

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1) What is your role within Collect_ive?


2) What have you done for this so far?

I have helped with planning, layouts etc

3) What are you working on for Amsterdam?

I have made a small collection of brooches called ‘Dots’.

4)  What is the inspiration behind your work

There are too many to list but the main ones are surrealist science fiction and fantasy films.

(‘Illumination’ Neckpiece, 2010)

5) How do you choose what materials to work in?

I have worked with sugar for a while now and it continues to fascinate me. The materials that I combine with it come out of intense periods of experimentation. They are all unique and contribute something different to the individual pieces of work.

6) What is your workshop like?

My work allows me to work in a variety of places, it depends on what stage I am at with a particular piece as to where I end up being.

7) What are you most looking forward to about Sieraad?

I am really looking forward to being on the stand and talking to people about my work. This is my first time at Sieraad. I think it’s going to be a very exciting adventure!

8) What are you most worried about for Sieraad?

I don’t think I am worried about anything specifically. I will be happy once we have set the stand up and it looks amazing!

9) Is your passport in date?!

Yep, I am good to go!

10) What have you got planned for afterwards?

A break!

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Melanie Codarin

Katie Lees

Yu-Ping Lin

Grace Page

Natalie Smith

Anna Wales


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