Collect_ive Art Jewellers

A new generation of British Art Jewellers

Meet Farrah Al-Dujaili

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1) What is your role within Collect_ive?


2) What have you done for this so far?

Organised a long list of blogs, websites, people  and galleries to get in touch with.

3) Give three words that best describe your work…

Intuitive, playful, sculptural

4) What are you working on for Amsterdam?

A new group of pieces that follow on from the collection ‘Into the Garden at Once’

5)  What is the inspiration behind your work?

An imaginary garden populated with hybrid forms.

6) How do you choose what materials to work in?

All my materials are chosen for their ability to give a material link to my design methodology, enforcing the dialogue between drawing and making.

7) What is your workshop like?

Organised chaos but that’s how I like it! it kind of builds up as I’m making a collection and only gets tidied once I’ve finished.

8) What are you most looking forward to about Sieraad?

Meeting the visitors to the fair. It’s a rare chance to hear their feedback!

9) What are you most worried about for Sieraad?

Meeting the visitors to the fair and hearing their feedback!

10) Is your passport in date?!

Yes, all up to date and ready to go!

11) What have you got planned for afterwards?

A little break before I get making again.

Farrah Al-Dujaili

Laura Bradshaw Heap

Melanie Codarin

Katie Lees

Yu-Ping Lin

Grace Page

Natalie Smith

Anna Wales


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