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Meet Melanie Codarin

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1) What is your role within Collect_ive?

Manager and Branding

2) What have you done for this so far?

Laura and I put a call out to form the group early on in 2012. As a result I became the natural lead in organising and pushing the group forward. We’ve got a great bunch and everybody has embraced their roles, our joint efforts and skills have really worked well to form this new collective. I’ve also spent time working with Yu-Ping on the logo, e-invites, stickers, statements etc.

3) Give three words that best describe your work…

Playful, bold, often woody.

4) What are you working on for Amsterdam?

I’ll be showing the ‘Food for Thought’ series.

5)  What is the inspiration behind your work?

Different things but the work I’ll be showing is the ‘Food for Thought’ Series, which intends to highlight the negative side of industrial farming practices.

 You could call it protest jewellery. I have created new mutant creatures aimed to shock and intrigue at the same time. The juxtaposition of the beautiful materials alongside the not so beautiful creatures draw you in. And for the less bold of us there are some non mutant creatures that quietly talk about what’s going on with only the wearer knowing as the text on the back of the pieces reveal.


6) How do you choose what materials to work in?

I definitely have a preference for wood off cuts! Burrs, spalted woods and I love to see them next to metal. I like seeing unexpected contrasts be it materials, textures, size or subject. Some of my work involves laser cutting and I add text to things so paper (recycled) and wood work well for this.

7) What is your workshop like?

I don’t have one at the moment, I work at home or hire a bench space when I can. But the New Year brings a new studio space for me, so very excited can’t wait to get stuck in!

8) What have you got planned for afterwards?

Setting up my studio, playing with wood and looking for the next project the Collect_ive can do together!

Farrah Al-Dujaili

Laura Bradshaw Heap

Melanie Codarin

Katie Lees

Yu-Ping Lin

Grace Page

Natalie Smith

Anna Wales


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