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Meet Yu-Ping Lin

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1) What is your role within Collect_ive?


2) What have you done for this so far?

I am responsible for idea of branding and development of design, such as the design of logo, sticker and the template of artist statement.

3) Give three words that best describe your work…

Interactive fashion accessory

4) What are you working on for Amsterdam?

I am working on my textile collection called Kaleido for SIERAAD. That’s a contemporary collection focusing on the element of fashion, interaction and Origami.

5)  What is the inspiration behind your work?

My work is inspired by Origami, paper cutting, nature, architecture and kaleidoscope. Due to the designed structure, every piece of work shows various appearances and offers diversification of wearing.

6) How do you choose what materials to work in?

My work starts with paper model then develops with fabric finally. The fabric possesses the character of softness and retraction and also textiles shows up lots of potential on colour and texture as well.

7) What is your workshop like?

My workshop is like my small lab! It’s crowded but full of inspiration and motivation!

8) What are you most looking forward to about Sieraad?

I am looking forward to meeting people and seeing the excellent works from international. Also feeling exciting to exhibit with other talented artists as a group in the show!

9) What are you most worried about for Sieraad?

I am not too much worried about Sieraad honestly because I am more looking forward to the advantages and opportunities from the show. Only one thing I might concern is I am afraid I have to prepare a budget for shopping these amazing works! 

10) Is your passport in date?!

Yes, I did.

11) What have you got planned for afterwards?

I am going to stay in Amsterdam for three days. It will be an opportunity to experience the city deeper and further. After the short trip, I will continue producing works for Christmas, also developing my next collection and running a project with product designers in the near future.

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Yu-Ping Lin

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