Collect_ive Art Jewellers

A new generation of British Art Jewellers

Meet Katie Lees

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1) What is your role within Collect_ive?

I’ve played the role of curator!

2) What have you done for this so far?

Probably not enough!! We had numerous skype conferences to discuss layout and the design of the stand including colour schemes and lighting arrangements etc

3) Give three words that best describe your work…

Industrial, geometric, sculptural

4) What are you working on for Amsterdam?

I love cluster formations so am working on numerous ‘industrial clusters’!      

5)  What is the inspiration behind your work?

I like industrial landscapes, scaffolding, ship yards, derelict buildings and anything with an unusual structural form!

6) How do you choose what materials to work in?

The materials I work with reflect the industrial inspiration so I tend to use square silver wire with an oxidized finish to give the engineered effect!

7) What is your workshop like?

I’d love to say neat, organized and orderly but really it’s the opposite! Lets say an organized mess!

8) What are you most looking forward to about Sieraad?

Since this is my second time at Sieraad, I’m really looking forward to exhibiting as part of a group instead of on my own! Although I met some fantastic people and had great neighbours, it was a little daunting and lonely!

9) What are you most worried about for Sieraad?

I hope we all work well as a team promoting  everyones work. Aside from the obvious (forgetting/losing/missing things!) I’m anxious to be there and for the set up!!

10) Is your passport in date?!

After a wee panic, Yes!

11) What have you got planned for afterwards?

Numerous deadlines for galleries and shows but a couple of days break in Amsterdam immediately after will be a nice break from making!

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Katie Lees

Yu-Ping Lin

Grace Page

Natalie Smith

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