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Collect_ive on featured on Business Boom

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Lucky us have been featured on the Business Boom blog – ‘the ideal place to see features of up and coming and freelance creatives from the UK and beyond’! The blog showcases the latest talent in the world of fashion, photography, art, design and more.

“This afternoon’s post features not just one creative, but eight jewellery designers from the British Art Jewellers Collect_ive. From varying backgrounds, Anna Wales, Laura Bradshaw-Heap, Farrah Al-Dujaili, Katie Lees, Natalie Smith, Melanie Codarin, Grace Page and Yu-Ping Lin have come together to “present new and original work that pushes the conventional boundaries of what jewellery can be.” Here, each member describes a little about their work and philosophies….”

To read the full blog post visit the Business Boom page by clicking here


One thought on “Collect_ive on featured on Business Boom

  1. It’s great to have you aboard.

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