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Our New Years Resolutions – Laura Bradshaw Heap

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So here we are, a new year and another tax return to fill in, eek! We thought it would be interesting to have a bit of a catch up with the Collect_ive gang and find out what everyone’s plans are for the next 12 months and what we’d all like to achieve. So here they are, the first in our New Years Resolutions…..
Laura Bradshaw-Heap
My resolutions:
1. to seize every opportunity!
2. to be brave when it comes to large scale in my work
3. to have one finished piece from my new series to wear during Schmuck
4. to have an article published
5. to continue to fine tune the curating, so that each ‘Suspended in Pink’ exhibition is better than the last!
Have fun!!!!
Watch this space for another blog post all about the exhibition ‘Suspended in Pink’ that Laura has curated, or if you can’t wait click here to find out more.
suspended in pink

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