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Collect_ive on featured on Business Boom

Lucky us have been featured on the Business Boom blog – ‘the ideal place to see features of up and coming and freelance creatives from the UK and beyond’! The blog showcases the latest talent in the world of fashion, photography, art, design and more.

“This afternoon’s post features not just one creative, but eight jewellery designers from the British Art Jewellers Collect_ive. From varying backgrounds, Anna Wales, Laura Bradshaw-Heap, Farrah Al-Dujaili, Katie Lees, Natalie Smith, Melanie Codarin, Grace Page and Yu-Ping Lin have come together to “present new and original work that pushes the conventional boundaries of what jewellery can be.” Here, each member describes a little about their work and philosophies….”

To read the full blog post visit the Business Boom page by clicking here


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Set up at Sieraad!

Just time for a a cheeky blog post while we wait for the press to do their thang and before the public come in at 2pm! We’re here, we’re set up (that’s a summary, there were a few minor panics and bumps in the road along the way), and the stand looks gorgeous even if we do say so ourselves.

The first work going up on the wall!

Slight panic with 15 minutes to go…

The finished stand! For now anyway, I’m sure there will be some tweaking and prodding over the weekend. Back soon with more pictures and the development of our interactive stand project.

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What role have you got in Collect_ive? (ie curator, PR etc)

I am helping with the social media side

What have you done for it so far? (for your role in the group)

Setting up the Facebook page, posting, Tweeting and helping with the Blog.  I have a feeling my Social Media Partner Grace Page is much better at it than me though!

What is the inspiration behind your work?

I just like working with materials and putting the different elements of my work together.  Often new ideas spring to mind as I start to construct a piece and watch it grow in front of me.

I suppose I am also drawn to quite linear, graphic yet organic forms.

How do you choose what materials to work in?

I’ve always loved working with metal since Design Technology at school…manipulating something so ‘hard’ and ‘strong’ is very satisfying.  And the contrast between those qualities and those associated with textiles is something I find very appealing both visually and physically.

What are you working on for Amsterdam?

I mainly plan to show my ‘Felted Boa’ Collection and ‘Branches and Berries’  so it is going to be very Red and Black with the odd shock of silver.

What is your workshop like?

One big busy mess at the moment!!  I LOVE my workshop.  I share with three friends, Lucie Gledhill, Caren Hartley and Lizzie Peers, all who are wonderful, bright and inspirational people.  It can get a bit noisy, busy and manic at times when we’re all working like mad to meet deadlines, which of course all come at once! But after working by myself for so long I am loving being surrounded by like minded people.  And an abundance of tools too!! Amazing


What are you most looking forward to about Sieraad?

Seeing the city again, doing my first international show, seeing what kind of response my work gets in Amsterdam and showing alongside 7 other exciting Jewellers as well as all the other exhibitors there.  I think it will be hugely interesting and a great experience.

What are you most worried about Sieraad?

Getting Lost ( I have a terrible sense of direction, I’m dragging along my boyfriend to be my guide dog!  Missing the plane.  Finding out I booked the hotel for the wrong week!  Leaving all my Jewellery behind!  Etc etc

Have you checked that your passport is in date?

It is! Phew!

What have you got planned for afterwards?

I have a really busy month at the moment. The weekend before I leave for Amsterdam I am showing at MADE London, then 2 days after I get back I’m off to Nottingham to do Lustre.  I’m also exhibiting and working at Dazzle at the National Theatre in London. Then I musn’t forget to supply my galleries and there’s the possibility of Open Studios too. Eeek. No sleep til Christmas for me!


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The Countdown to Amsterdam Begins!

We had the first Collect_ive meet up recently in Birmingham to get to know each others faces (rather than just each others work) and try and remember all the stuff we have probably forgotten to sort out for Amsterdam (floats, receipts, all the boring stuff). Hopefully we covered everything!

Farrah Al-Dujaili

Laura Bradshaw Heap

Melanie Codarin

Katie Lees

Yu-Ping Lin

Grace Page

Natalie Smith

Anna Wales


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Hello world!

Hello and welcome to the Collect_ive blog page!

Collect_ive is made up of eight contemporary British jewellers who have come together to exhibit work that pushes the boundaries of what contemporary jewellery can be. We are are Farrah Al-Dujaili, Laura Bradshaw-Heap, Melanie Codarin, Katie Lees, Yu-Ping Lin, Grace Page, Natalie Smith and Anna Wales.

This blog will follow our progress as we embark on our first exhibition together at the 11th edition of the prestigious SIERAAD International Jewellery Art Fair in Amsterdam from 1st – 4th November.