Collect_ive Art Jewellers

A new generation of British Art Jewellers

Anna Wales

Anna’s work is designed to create a powerful visual impact along with an enticing tactility.  It features a combination of felt and silver, and oxidized silver with polished precious metals, which are arranged to form stark contrasts or subtle transformations throughout a singular piece.

Much of her inspiration comes from the manipulation of the materials themselves, through the creation and integration of different textures and forms and through observing the growth of her pieces as she constructs them, which in turn plants the seeds of new ideas. Visual references come from nature and the many juxtapositions that can be found there; hard next to soft, rough with smooth and stiff structures against free fluidity. She aims to ensure each piece is aesthetically distinct, pleasingly tactile, and sensual to wear.


You can see more of her work on her website

Follow her on facebook at

and on Twitter @AWalesJewellery

Anna studied Jewellery at Middlesex University graduating in 27 and then went on to do a years residency at Bishopsland Workshops.


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