Collect_ive Art Jewellers

A new generation of British Art Jewellers

Laura Bradshaw Heap

For me, art is about a shared experience, between artist, viewer, participant.
My practice seeks to create a social experience within marginal community groups with little or no experience of the creative arts. For me, the end product is not the jewellery produced by the group.

Rather the producing of jewellery is a means for developing a social experience within the group. It is these social experiences, of which I become a part of, which then inform my work. My aim within my work, regardless to its final outcome and form, is to strive towards a complex concept, rooted in theory, which is portrayed with simplicity of material and technique.

Within my practice I always aim to seek a balance between practical making, writing and curating. For me, this balance between critical thinking and practical development is an essensal part of growing my practice, ideas and rational.

For more information on Laura’s work visit her website or


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