Collect_ive Art Jewellers

A new generation of British Art Jewellers

Melanie Codarin

Melanie’s work is inspired by ‘graphic’ forms, natural and man-made, She modifies or even mutates the things we see, and create new contexts for them so they take on a new life, and new perceived meanings for the wearer. She enjoys seeing the narrative organically unfold and the influence that different materials have on the new forms.

Creating a dialogue between her practice as a graphic designer and new practice as a contemporary jeweller the strong, graphic narrative to Melanie’s work is playful and looks to communicate and engage through message, material choice, form and composition.

The computer, as well as hand drawing, play a key role in her creative process, as does the use of mixed media with a particular preference for wood and its derivatives. An important part of her practice is ethically sensitive production choices and sourcing of materials.

Melanie graduated with an MA in Jewellery Design from the Sir John Cass, London Metropolitan University in 2010.

You can find out more about her and her work as an individual artist on her website


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